Transmission Service Richmond TX

Your transmission is easily one of the most sophisticated components your car, truck or SUV has to offer. It is a great example of thermodynamics. The transmission is the part of your vehicle that allows you to seamlessly shift gears while accelerating to higher speeds. No matter if you have an automatic or manual transmission we can help you with all your transmission related questions and needs here at Auto Check.

Whenever you bring your vehicle in for service, we can quickly inspect your transmission fluid, if it is dark, dirty or appears to be burnt there could be an issue with your transmission that we can help you fix. The transmission fluid is a great indicator as to the health of your transmission. If your transmission fluid is does show contamination this can cause more involved or expensive repairs later down the line.

Transmission Fluid Richmond, TX

The fluid in your transmission is a lot like your engine oil, it serves as a lubricant and protects the moving components within your transmission. It also helps transfer power from the engine to your transmission. Know that you know what transmission does, it is probably easier to imagine that contaminants in your transmission fluid means that it cannot perform its job as efficiently if it were clean instead of contaminated.

A transmission fluid flush is a simple service that evacuated the current fluid circulating through your transmission and then is replaced with brand new clean transmission fluid and there is a good chance you will notice the difference, especially if issues with the transmission is what brought you into our garage in the first place.

Transmission repairs are some of the more involved and time consuming repairs that can be performed on your vehicle, which is why we may at times recommend replacing your transmission fluid as a preventative maintenance measure. This will not only improve the life of your transmission it could also help prevent hazardous roadside breakdowns or issues while operating your car, truck or SUV.

Feel free to drive on into our shop, give us a call or schedule an appointment online whenever you think you might have issues with your transmission. No matter the repair, it is always best to have this issues inspected sooner rather than later. All of your vehicles’ systems rely on one another to run at its peak level of performance. That is why we are always happy to assist you with all of your transmission and automotive related needs.

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